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YOU can take online English lessons from teacher Jon Klement, producer of the Purple Dragon English Show! 



Do English idioms confuse you?


Do you get frustrated?


Do you ever wonder why someone would...


"paint the town red"?


"throw in the towel"?


"take something with a grain of salt"?

So does THIS guy!

Who is he? He's Smerd, a small, purple dragon from far away. He's come to live with an American family in Illinois. Like a lot of people, he has some trouble learning English slang, idioms, and other cultural expressions.


Here at www.purpledragonenglish.com, you can:


  • WATCH videos of Smerd's adventures learning to communicate better in English, and

  • REGISTER to take classes from official Purple Dragon English teachers like Jon Klement, Sabrina Klement, Max Klement, and more! (Sorry, Ian Klement isn't quite old enough to be ready yet.)

  • COMMENT on topics or ideas to discuss in future English lessons. Teacher Jon Klement is available by email at jon@purpledragonenglish.com or on Skype account purpledragonenglish.

Watch the Show Now and See Smerd Learn English. 

Live lessons are held on Skype at the Skype ID name purpledragonenglish. You can also reach us there for questions and comments. You can download Skype here.